Re: Best way to calc transactions for the month

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 11:11:03 -0700

On 4/11/07, Sandra Becker <sbecker6925@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The president of the company would like to know how many transactions per
month are running through the database.  He wants to include all selects,
inserts, updates, and deletes.  What would be the best way to gather this
information.  Is there a way I can easily break it down by each type of

Oracle knows about commits:

 1  select class,name, value
 2  from v$sysstat
 3* where name = 'user commits'

CLASS NAME                                                 VALUE
----- ---------------------------------------- -----------------
   1 user commits                                    17,579,778

1 row selected.

A transaction from a business perspective is not
necessarily the same thing as a transaction from
a database perspective.

With SAP for instance the Basis admin can answer
that question from SAP statistics.  Oracle has no
idea how many SAP transactions have been run.

Ask the President what it is he actually wants to know.

It may have nothing to do with transactions.

Also, a SELECT is not usually considered a transaction.

If you *really* want to count INSERT,SELECT,UPDATE and DELETE,
then you would need to audit all tables and views in the database.

Or use some 3rd party tool to do this for you.

Jared Still
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