RE: Backups failing

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I agree with Sreejith but would suggest the quiesce state is a little more 
restrictive than just not accepting new connections.  From here:

Is this:
Occasionally you might want to put a database in a state that allows only DBA 
transactions, queries, fetches, or PL/SQL statements. Such a state is referred 
to as a quiesced state, in the sense that no ongoing non-DBA transactions, 
queries, fetches, or PL/SQL statements are running in the system.

But if your emca process is hanging with both drop and recreate, then that may 
not be the issue.


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Quiesce mode means no new connections will be accepted. This is when you use 
emca for dropping. With 11.2 database will not come in quiesce mode when 
dropping em repository and objects.

However, I am not sure whether dropping em 'manually' will put database in 
quiesce mode for 10g.
I have done this ( manual drop ) in 11.2 and database does not go in quiesce 
mode. In my case also. Dropping using emca and Repmanager did hang, which is 
why I went for manual drop.

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> What is quiesce mode?
> Can someone paste me the content of that note? thanks.
> I've executed recreate but it hangs too,so I've executed drop first (although 
> it hangs too).
> Thanks beforehand.
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