RE: Backup Controlfile and ArchiveLog -- was re Urgent ORA-00600: internal error code

  • From: "Mark W. Farnham" <mwf@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <hkchital@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <JDunn@xxxxxxxxx>, "'Ghassan Salem'" <salem.ghassan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 11:01:24 -0400


In all cases, ensure that you HAVE CORRECTLY CREATED THE CONTROLFILEs,
naming every DataFile  -- once you OPEN, Oracle does a Data 
Dictionary check and any
datafile in the Data Dictionary but not in your Controlfile becomes 
a   "MISSING" datafile !
{so sometimes we do another backup, if we can, before the OPEN RESETLOGS !}


Regarding the extra backup: This is also why, whichever side you are on in
the quasi-religious argument about whether online redo logs should be backed
up, the first step of recovery is to secure a copy of the quiescent images
of the online redo logs (most safely apart from your backup media and most
conveniently online) since they contain data that is permanently lost upon
the execution of the open resetlogs command. Whether you (unlikely) crash
restarting or experience PEBKAC during the recovery, having a copy of the
logs as they exist before the restart gives you at least a chance to try



PS: PEBKAC, first heard by me from Mike Brown, Problem Exists Between
Keyboard and Chair. Similar meaning to CFT (controlled flight into terrain)
with fewer tragic overtones.


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