RE: Backup Controlfile and ArchiveLog -- was re Urgent ORA-00600: internal error code

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Good explanation!  I was just going to say hit cancel.

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ORA-00600: internal error code

The "USING BACKUP CONTROLFILE"  tells Oracle that the SCNs in the 
Controlfiles are NOT
the current ones .  Oracle keeps prompting for as many archivelogs as 
you have available because
it does not know how many you really have.
[Say that on Wednesday you restore the databasefiles as of 
Monday.  You also do not have the "current"
controlfile of Wednesday. You have had to recreate the controlfile 
and tell Oracle that you are
using a Backup Controlfile.  Oracle then doesn't know if you have 
ArchiveLogs for Monday and also
ArchiveLogs for Tuesday and also ArchiveLogs for Wednesday.  You may 
have Monday's files
and Tuesday's files but not Wednesday's ArchiveLogs. Oracle just 
doesn't know because the
"current" status is not available in the controlfile that you have
Oracle keeps prompting for the next archivelog until you have applied 
all your archivelogs
at which point YOU as the DBA must say CANCEL  and then OPEN RESETLOGS.

Why Archivelogs ?    Again, because information is no longer 
available in the controlfile
that you have intialized !    If you really have no ArchiveLogs [you 
weren't running ArchiveLog !]
just say CANCEL and then OPEN RESETLOGS.

In all cases, ensure that you HAVE CORRECTLY CREATED THE CONTROLFILEs,
naming every DataFile  -- once you OPEN, Oracle does a Data 
Dictionary check and any
datafile in the Data Dictionary but not in your Controlfile becomes 
a   "MISSING" datafile !
{so sometimes we do another backup, if we can, before the OPEN RESETLOGS

Having said all that, why are you sure that you DID need to recreate 
your controlfiles
and reset your online logs ?  Was the problem something to do with 
mountpoints and
permissions only ?


At 07:33 PM Friday, John Dunn wrote:
>OK, I have recreated the control file but when I run RECOVER 
>DATABASE USING BACKUP CONTROLFILE I get the following errors.
>I am not and never have been using archivelogs so why is it asking 
>for this file?
>ORA-00279: change 406102834 generated at 05/02/2007 03:19:46 needed 
>for thread1

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