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Good call Dan! Nothing like getting the backup systems all working and then
trying to get all the recurrent jobs rescheduled from memory!

Also, on Unix and Lx freewrites of unix, .login, .profile, .bash, and all
those . files in the various users, including things they include, which may
be in other directories. Losing all your convenient shorthand can be really
On things from Microsoft, a listing of the environment variables of the
various important user accounts and the settings in the services
administration for the various things that Oracle sets up.

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Custom script directory(ies) - anything called by cron, dbms_scheduler, or
ad-hoc for database support

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On 3/14/2011 3:19 PM Howard Latham wrote:
Does anyone have a backup checklist for Oracle Files not held in the
that wont get backed up by RMAN.

maybe alertlog

if not can we put one togesther?

Howard A. Latham

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