Re: Backing up the recovery catalog

  • From: "Jared Still" <jkstill@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Brandon.Allen@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 15:39:45 -0700

I shutdown the recovery catalog database and backup it up cold.

Backing it up after every database backup seems like overkill to me, as
any of the databases can be recovered using the controlfile.

As databases get moved and new ones added, I am not even using
the recovery catalog.

Though I have argued for its use in the past, I haven't actually realized
much benefit from using it, and am phasing it out here.


On 6/26/06, Allen, Brandon <Brandon.Allen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I'm curious how you all are going about backing up your recovery
catalogs.  Do you do it through rman backups, or logical exports, or both?
I've always done it through logical exports (exp), then compressed and
backed up to tape through Netbackup with bpbackup - all scripted to run very
smoothly and automatically after each database backup and archive log
backup.  This has served me well in the past, but now I'm setting up a new
server and was just reviewing this configuration and the documentation that
recommends backing up the recovery catalog via rman instead, so I'm
considering changing my ways but not sure if that's a good idea.  Just
curious what others are doing and if you have any compelling reasons for
doing it one way or the other.


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