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Solaris allocates the sga_max_size amount at instance start-up. sga_target
is what the database actually tries to use.  The difference between them can
be used if you want to increase the sga_target parm without bouncing the DB.


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I am checking the Automatic Shared Memory feature and set the following
2 parameters in init.ora file and recreate the spfile and restarted the

Now I expect SGA to use about 600MB as per sga target but when I do
select * from v$sga or show sga from sqlplus it shows it to use 900M and
that is sga_max_size setting:
SQL> show sga

Total System Global Area  943718400 bytes
Fixed Size                  1305760 bytes
Variable Size             514069344 bytes
Database Buffers          427819008 bytes
Redo Buffers                 524288 bytes

Now when I go to OEM and check the memory parameters it shows it using
SGA Component   Current Allocation (MB)
Shared Pool     176
Buffer Cache    408
Large Pool      4
Java Pool       8
Other   4

Howcome I am seeing 2 different results and OEM showing correct results.

Environment : Oracle on sun solaris 10



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