RE: Automatic Shared Memory question

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 14:28:56 -0700

One more thing I learned on this working with Oracle Support - the
following event can be used to get a listing of current granule

alter session set events 'immediate trace name

And the granules shown in listid 4 of the default buffer cache are
represented by "KGH: NO ACCESS" as you can see below.

From trace file produced by dump_all_comp_granule_addrs event in udump:
*** 2006-09-05 14:21:45.290
GRANULE SIZE is 16777216
COMPONENT NAME : DEFAULT buffer cache, curnum=72, usrsz=0, tgt=72, st=0
Number of granules in listid 0 is 0
Number of granules in listid 1 is 0
Number of granules in listid 2 is 52
Number of granules in listid 3 is 0
Number of granules in listid 4 is 20

SQL> select bytes from v$sgastat where name = 'KGH: NO ACCESS';


20 granules * 16MB = 335544320 ~= 329746560


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