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Anything that revolves around keeping the production system up and running is a 
production team task. Making something that production relies on to keep the 
system up and available to users to the development team is problematic. They 
have different goals. Most of them do not like carrying beepers and being 
available off hours to do administrative support. Plus they will have deadlines 
and responsibilities to their development management that may conflict with the 
needs of the production team. Having them manage the application server for 
development may be an option depending on the organization of your team. 

If you don't have any background in J2EE picking up the application server will 
be difficult. You can figure out what buttons to push in the tool and what 
scripts to run, but you won't really grasp the underlying concepts. 

You will want to work with a j2ee developer. The concepts of application 
servers are pretty similiar. See if there is someone on staff who worked with 
weblogic or one of the other application servers. Learning the Oracle 
Application Server from the tons of documentation without any real J2EE 
knowledge is going to be difficult and time consuming if you don't work with a 
java person. 

I took an oracle application server training class last year and I found it 
clunky to say the least. There are times when you need to go in through the gui 
and run scripts. You will find it necessary to create checklists and 
instructions for yourself on how to operate the application server. I was not 
impressed. I get the impression that for the most part application servers are 
over kill. You can do plenty on a cheap and simple to manage web server. There 
are very few cases where an application server is even necessary. It seems that 
most people who buy them because of the hype and don't really analyze whether 
they are necessary and worth the cost in both resources to administrator and 
license fees. 

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> Question for opinion: 
> Is overall control, installation, administration and configuration of 
> Oracle Application Server a: 
> 1) DBA Task 
> 2) OS Management Task 
> 3) Development Task 
> 4) End User Admin Task 
> Replies appreciated! 
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