RE: Anyone with experience with MMOG and databases?

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You said: The Oracle non-compliance list is huge.

First of all, I say so what!  Every software manufacturer is always lagging 
behind the governing bodies.  And that is the way it is supposed to work!  The 
governing bodies meet and discuss and try and figure out what the standard 
should be.  They gather information from the software manufacturers to see if 
what they are going to suggest makes sense.  And they then come out with new 
standards, and leave the commercial market to respond to it.  It always takes 
time to come up to standards.  When I was programming in Cobol, we were *never* 
up to standards.  And that was 30 years ago!  Nothing has changed!

You mention other database products (MySQL and Prevayler and Cache and 
PostgreSQL at the low end or DB2 at the higher).  I don't think anyone here 
ignores these products.  We work with them when we have to.  I personally have 
Oracle, Sql*Server, and DB2 where I am at now.  There are many other people on 
this list who are proponents of MySql, PostgreSQL.  But many of these folks 
also talk about what these products are lacking in comparison to Oracle.  You 
say they are more ISO compliant.  I say that being ISO compliant is not a big 
deal.  I would rather have a db product that is more feature rich and maybe 95% 
ISO compliant than one that is 100% ISO compliant but cannot stand up to a high 
transaction load.  All of these products have plus and minuses.  And right now, 
Oracle has a lot more pluses than the other products available on the market.  
ISO compliance is a non-issue for me.


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> You keep saying that "Oracle is quite non-standard, I don't think it
> a good idea to develop a new system in Oracle."

> Non-standard to what?  Ansi?

        ISO actually.  ANSI is old hat.

        The Oracle non-compliance list is huge.

> And advising people on this list *not to* develop anything new in

> Oracle is quite bizarre.  You do realize that this is an Oracle list,


        Oh, yes, and I already got great advice on it.  It does not make

me love it though.

> Just curious about why you post here.

        I work with Oracle... right now don't have much choice, as Oracle

has basically conquered all of the market that ain't on the mainframe or

on Microsoft.

        You know, sometimes it is nice to have a perspective wider than a

product.  You end up with nice surprises.


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