RE: Anyone tried connecting to 10.1 DB from 11.2 client?

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I believe the general rule of thumb for Oracle is that they don't support more 
than 2 version jumps in client to RDBMS connectivity. I would have expected any 
10->11 would have been supported whereas 9->11 would not, but maybe 10.1 to 
11.2 constitutes more than 2 versions in current Oracle terminology?

Anyway, a simple test shows that the connectivity works. YMMV and you may run 
into issues if you do something sophisticated.

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In the throws of a DB upgrade from to, I see MOS 207303.1
and 1065024.1 say that an 11.2 client is not supported for connecting to a
10.1 DB.

While I won't need that for our production upgrade, it would be MUCH easier
for our test upgrade.  Our dev ERP has its own 10.1 DB, but also requires
access to the central repository in the prod DB (those responsible for this
setup are no longer here!).  So when I upgrade our dev DB to 11.2, the ERP
system will still need access to 10.1 prod DB, and a client upgrade to 11.2
will supposedly break that.

Has anyone tried an 11.2 client against a 10.1 DB?  I'm curious as to the
reasons why it's not supported.



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