Re: Anyone Using IBM flash Copy for Database Backups?

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Very valid points-I would like to add that you have a choice of compression algorithm: zlib or bzip2. If you can compromise on the compression ratio, zlib might be something worth trying. And sorry, I haven't used the IBM product yet


Martin Bach
OCM 10g

Mark W. Farnham wrote:
I'm not, but I am surprised about your situation. I would have expected
pretty much everything to have gotten faster, not slower.


Are you cpu bound on the compression? Faster media copying is not going to
help that. How much of your datawarehouse is actually eligible for change
from month to month? Is there a partitioning strategy that will combine good
access with life cycle management?


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We have several large warehouse databases in the 12T to 15T range.  The
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the IBM estimates for DB2 correlate to Oracle run times?

Pete Barnett
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