RE: Any way to run more than listener on the same port?

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Sorry for the garbage in the first reply.  In Outlook, if I reply to The
List in plain text, it's garbage.  Any suggestions for working around
this (other than always trying to remember to switch to html)?


On Tru64, we used virtual IP addresses, but still had to use separate
ports.  Each IP didn't have it's own set of ports.


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For portability reasons our Unix SAs would like us to run one listener /
instance on the same port of each server.

While I have no problem setting up one listener for two instances or two
listeners on different ports I had been under the impression (born out
by preliminary experimentation) that you couldn't have more than one
listener on the same port.

The Unix SAs say that since they've set up separate Virtual IP Addresses
for each instance we should be able to get it to work.

Anyone have any experience with this?  Is it possible?

Jay Miller

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