Re: Any reason not to have logic in the db?

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 14:51:58 +0200

W dniu 12.06.2012 14:22, Stephane Faroult pisze:
> For those who wouldn't have already read Toon Koppelaars's excellent 
> take on the question, here is the link:
> If I may venture an opinion the argument of making the application 
> database-independent is mostly bogus. Even at the SQL level, it's rare 
> you have two products that give the same name to otherwise identical 
> functions (with special credits to T-SQL, which shortens length() and 
> expands substr()); all products have interesting, unique, extensions 
> that can be quite useful (Oracle has tons of analytical functions that 
> most other products lack, but other products also have interesting 
> features that sometimes allow for an elegant way to solve a problem); 
> ignoring them and writing something clumsy for "portability" is an 
> exercise in sado-masochism. . I have seen some applications migrating 
> from one database to another database; but in most cases it has been a 
> major migration effort (whether the code was stored inside the database 
> or not) and usually a convenient opportunity to review the application 
> in depth.
> When the database is the only input and output for a process, the only 
> reason why I could imagine not wanting to write the process as a stored 
> procedure would be to share the load between server and client(s) - 
> assuming that there is load besides database operations.

But I could point at least one reason to do so (ie. put the logic to app
servers instead of db) - the economic one.
Let's take MySQL db (which lacks in features) and some JBoss app servers
where the cost of support is significantly lower then in case of Oracle
db and put on several "cheap" x86 machines.
Of course I must agree that not always this is a viable solution, but
for some startups or businesses where one doesn't need to support its
product with some market reputation, etc. it is really good choice

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