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Grants by SYS have always been lost via exp/imp.  After you run catalog and
catproc on a new DB that you intend to import into you should consider
creating the owning users and running a script to re-issue the grants from
SYS.  Then when you run your import you will avoid this problem.

You should also pre-create any desired database links for similar reasons.

And I will point out that grants by SYS can be lost with upgrades that
require rerunning catalog and catproc so having a granted_by_sys.sql script
handy is part of our upgrade procedure.

IMHO -- Mark D Powell --

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Doing a full export from 8.0.6 to import of you would think that =
dependencies would be handled correctly.

I found out however that views were created (not even showing up with a =
definition and an invalid status) due to database links not being there. =
 However, the import did do database links at some point.  I am running =
the import a second time with rows=3Dno hoping to save myself some time.

I thought all permissions are granted/handled through full =
export/import.  However, a number of permissions to sys. objects were =
not.  That must be because I ran the full export/import as system - =
right?  If I had run it under "sys" then that wouldn't have happened =
because the permissions would be there? =20

Any suggestions for a cleaner full export/import between 8.0.6 and =


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