RE: Analyze vs. dbms_stats with Partitioning

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 Ok, first misconception reached.  I thought analyze didn't handle
partitioned segments but a quick RTFM and trace shows normal range
partition pruning with Analyze generated stats.  So is there an
advantage of dbms_stats here?  Or is the advantage the addition features
dbms_stats brings withit?


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I am in the initial stages of experimenting with Partitioning, and
therefore also moving from analyze to dbms_stats.  Does one have to
delete the analyze-created stats before generating the dbms_stats-based
ones, or is that a Oracle-legend I heard/read in the distant past?  Is
there anyway to determine which means was used to generate the stats
after the fact?

This is for V9.2.0.5 on Tru64.

Mike H

P.S. Am reading several articles by ANanda and JLewis on the subject.

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