RE: Am I the only person in this world who thinks Tom Kyte should add a cookie in his site for reviews?

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 11:34:35 -0800

I think that if Tom Kyte doesn't add it to his website he must have his
I wouldn't keep on bugging him about it.
"It take too much time to write it every time": search for "autofill"
programs and download one that works for you. Or perhaps your current
web browser has an autofill function that can meet your needs.

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HI, several yeras ago, I had asked several times to Tom to add a
cookie in the review page, to save your name,  email and where in the
worl you are, because

1) It take too much time to write it every time, so what you get is
several times not writing them at all.

2) When you are reading a question, there are so many people in there
asking and commenting, and a few times I had confused the person who
asked with another person who added acomment.

3) When you put in your name your email, I have received a few times
interesting comment, of people who never would had post that info in
the thread.

I think I'm right but because Tom Kyte didn't do that after al this
time I'm asking this, makes me think this is an estupid requirement.

Or I have to fill a form to ask it?

Do you think is necessary  or I'm  stupid?

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