RE: Altering Freelist Groups in 10gR2 when moving to RAC from NON-RAC?

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Jonathan, Folks


A small change to include indexes too in the below Qs:-


Qs Does conversion of freelist groups to 4 needs to be done ONLY for
Tables & Indexes which undergo INSERTs & NOT for Tables / Indexes which


NOTE Our Database Size is Huge i.e. 3 TB.


Qs Any Other parameter that should also be changed when moving a NON-RAC
Database to RAC?


Thanks indeed for responding 


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The only option is to do the CTAS, as the freelist group

blocks are located immediately after the segment header

block in the first extent.


The only other option to consider is 'alter table move' to

move the table into a tablespace defined to use ASSM

and forget about freelist groups - but I'm not very keen

on ASSM for high-performance, high-concurrency systems





Jonathan Lewis


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Subject: Altering Freelist Groups in 10gR2 ?




When converting a NON-RAC Database to RAC in 10.2, the freelist groups

need to be altered to 4(= to the Number of RAC Nodes)


How is the freelist groups to be altered?


Seek to avoid usage of the CTAS command i.e. "Create Table <Duplicate

Tbl Name with freelist groups 4> As Select * from Original Table" since

this is very tedious


Is there any performance issue/Others with using the alter approach

versus the CTAS approach?


Thanks indeed

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