Re: Altering Freelist Groups in 10gR2 ?

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  • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 13:59:42 +0100

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Jonathan ASS managed tablespaces are the default with Oracle 10.2. Except for the much
more scattered blocks and slowdowns with full table scans, what other problems did you
observe with ASS managed tablespaces? Why did you say "high concurrency"?

Mladen Gogala

I know, but based on the comments (a) he needs to make the change, and (b) he has a 3TB database, I assume the OP has migrated from an earlier version and has data in free-list managed, rather than page-table managed tablespaces.

ASSM is approximately equivalent to freelists 16 as it seems to format 16 blocks at a time when space is required. I have seen two systems recently which were suffering from serious buffer busy waits because of this limit. (Both

A strategy error in the code means that ASSM can
still fail to maintain the bitmaps properly - you can
get data blocks which should be marked as full in
the bitmap being constantly checked and discarded
by processing attempting inserts; you can get data
blocks with space in them being left as 'FULL'
because of concurrent actions on the block, and
only one of those actions being reflected in the


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