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  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 17:39:08 +0300

Thank you all. I just renamed the old file and executed this statement.
exec dbms_system.ksdwrt(2,'test writing in alert log');=20
Thank you very much.
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check your bdump file location in the init parameter file. why dont you
do the following.

from sql prompt, try the following as dba user

exec dbms_system.ksdwrt(2,'test writing in alert log');=20

if you dont see anything written in your alert log, try to rename your
existing alert log fiel and do the same command and check in your bdump
whether a new alter log file created or not.


On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:52:30 +0300, Vinod Gopinath          BMMI IS
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> Oracle 8.2 on Win2K
> There is no entry happening on alert log file for past 2 days. This is

> an retial system, so lot of transaction happenes daily. There is=20
> enough space in the disk. My worry is that all of a sudden the system=20
> shouldn't stop and throw some vague error.
> Can some one help me on as to why there is no entry is alert log file.
> even bounced the db once still no luck.
> Rd/s
> Vinod.
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