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On 10/19/19 12:18 AM, Jared Still wrote:

check the docs, I believe Oracle can work directly with Active Directory

I can confirm that, Oracle works well with AD. Oracle LDAP client works with AD.

AD owns the market and can even be used to authenticate on Linux.  In other words,

Linux system can join Windows domain. Oracle refusing to support OpenLDAP and

coming up with their ridiculous OID server was one of bigger disappointments in

Oracle.  Total dominance of the AD is the price that Oracle has paid for that mistake.

On Fri, Oct 4, 2019 at 11:31 Suraj ramesh <surajmalliramesh@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:surajmalliramesh@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hello List,

     For example we have 200 Dbs running in 11gr2/12.2  versions on
    around 15 RHEL servers.

    From Windows jump box,Dba's login to each DB server with
    individual os user ID via puttty and connect to DB by providing
    username and password. Is it possible by using Active directory
    authentication whether we can able to login to DB without
    providing DB credentials?

    Thanks and regards,

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