RE: Accidentally Delete *.dbf Files, OH NO!!!

  • From: "Jacques Kilchoer" <Jacques.Kilchoer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <mfontana@xxxxxxxxx>, <Oracle-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 15:49:17 -0800

Start calling your datafiles with names like "kernel_01.exe",
"kernel_02.exe", etc. Presumable a root user, currently lacking respect
for a mere .dbf file, will cringe in terror before rming a kernel*.exe.
Depending on how determined / knowledgeable these users are, you can
always make rm an alias to "rm -i" or maybe even an alias to a "/"
or your own "rm" progrma in a different directory which would do some
kind of security checks.

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Michael Fontana

I have been working with Solaris for several years now.  We have had a
but particularly debilitating problem where certain people who will
nameless, in an effort to "clean up" disk space, have nailed a .dbf file
two.  I know I should have the solution to this on close at hand, but I
to recall this was difficult, if not impossible, on other Unix platforms
(such as AIX), because the file would be "locked" or "in use", and the
nefarious "rm" command would fail.  Alas, Solaris is all too willing to
comply when asked. 

Is there something that can be done, at the OS or Oracle level, to
such a thing?  Needless to say, the "whackers" are using root to enter
command, so changing permissions would accomplish little.  They are
set to only allow "oracle" write access.


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