RE: Accidentally Delete *.dbf Files, OH NO!!!

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I Like one suggestion earlier in this thread about fuser. I have been trying
to get our sa's to incorporate it in some sort of wrapping for rm (alias,
link, function or other). Precisely because fuser will tell you if a user,
and even which one is using a file. Problem is I can't do it myself because
you need root privileges to use fuser, at least on the versions of solaris I
have seen (2.8 and 2.9). And the sa's have not found the time to work around
that. But there is also a chance fuser will not tell you that the file is
being used because it in fact it is not. Oracle might not have each and
every file opened. And the database could be down as well. 
Having said all that, maybe communication with your colleaques is the best
solution. Tell them when you put some essential files in an unlikely place.
So they know the files must not be deleted.


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I have been working with Solaris for several years now.  We have had a
but particularly debilitating problem where certain people who will
nameless, in an effort to "clean up" disk space, have nailed a .dbf file
two.  I know I should have the solution to this on close at hand, but I
to recall this was difficult, if not impossible, on other Unix platforms
(such as AIX), because the file would be "locked" or "in use", and the
nefarious "rm" command would fail.  Alas, Solaris is all too willing to
comply when asked.  

Is there something that can be done, at the OS or Oracle level, to
such a thing?  Needless to say, the "whackers" are using root to enter
command, so changing permissions would accomplish little.  They are
set to only allow "oracle" write access.

Any help or even ridiculing chuckles and admonitions would be greatly




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