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Brian et al.,

It’s worth mentioning that my response was a tad lazy in that you don’t need to 
be SYS to run an AWR report. Any DBA user will be fine, and it’s possible to 
grant non-DBAs the ability to run AWR reports.

Sorry, I’d hate for anyone to violate their company security policies.


Steve Karam
On February 2, 2015 at 1:01:34 PM, Steve Karam (oraclealchemist@xxxxxxxxx) 


sqlplus / as sysdba

Enter the number of days to go back. Then choose the snapshot of midnight the 
morning of the day you need and a snapshot from midnight the next day.

One thing I’d caution about a full day AWR report: the averages can be 
misleading. For example, over the course of a full day your top wait event 
might be CPU Time, but within a specific 2 hour “trouble window” it may have 
been something more pertinent like an I/O wait. Likewise, computed hit ratios 
and other metrics could be even more misguiding than normal. 

I have a presentation you can check out that has some more information on 
misleading/misused metrics:  

PS: You can also check out AWR Diff reports for comparisons if that’s something 
they’re after:

Happy hunting!

Steve Karam
On February 2, 2015 at 12:53:27 PM, Zelli, Brian (brian.zelli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) 

A vendor just asked me to provide a report from AWR from a few days ago on 
their database. 

Ok, it has been 10 years since I last touched AWR. 

I know this sounds lame bit If it is running, how do I get that day’s 
information to the vendor?





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