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  • Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 10:28:27 -0800 (PST)

Well, I'm the guy whose going to install rac10g, so not my money :). I am only 
curious as to how the other pieces of the stack come into play. There are quite 
a few good papers on, that describe what roles SGeRAC plays and what 
roles the oracle clusterware plays in this role.
HP has given some answers so thats a start. What sucks is when you create an SR 
with oracle, and ask the analyst to search internally for whether such a 
deployment has been done and if so how. To have the analyst say dont know in 
the end, is not want you want to hear. 
Anyway I suppose I'll know shortly once I do this.

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You've bought some expensive stuff, I should think HP 
owes you some answers

on this. Since ASM is just a block bucket, people are 
just now (after people like

me have been poiting this out since the release of 10g) 
finding that they

need a multipath I/O solution to complement ASM. I do 
not know HP layers

products well enough to say, but it seems logical to me 
that Secure path is

where MPIO is implemented but needs LVM on top to 
complement. Like I

said, I'm only taking an educated 

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  mentioned earlier:
SLVM provides active/standby multi-pathing support 
  for RAC and
single instance ("pvlinks") 
Secure path is also being 
  used, so would pvlinks still be necessary, any idea?

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