Re: ASM cannot locate disks

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  • Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2012 21:31:00 +1000


This was not the first reboot - I made sure to reboot the entire machine after 
setting up ASM for the first time (it's not yet in production :) ). It has been 
rebooted several times after without ill effect. The sysadmin noted that the 
"invalid disk label" error started appearing some time ago in the syslog 
though. The LUNS were labelled, but format currently reports that the disk, 
though formatted, is not labelled. The SAN was not down at any stage.

The devices are delegated whole to the zone, and not mounted either in the 
global zone or the Oracle zone. There are no errors in any log, apart from the 
ones that I posted :(

The permissions are OK, oracle still owns slice 1 as it was originally 
configured. Perhaps there is something going on with the Hitachi SAN and raw 
partitions? I noted that the "Solaris" presented LUNS feature a whole-disk 
device (c...t...d0) that is missing from the "raw" luns...


On 03/08/12 21:03, Mark W. Farnham wrote:
> Also, was this perhaps the first whole machine reboot since the LUNs were
> configured? If so, check permissions and that the order of boot sequence did
> not mount them as owned by root instead of oracle or with the wrong group
> before oracle tries to mount them correctly for ASM. Those errors would be
> in the system logs if oracle is trying to mount something that is already
> mounted. You mentioned that this is a zone, so the overall machine reboot
> may grab the resources differently than just restarting a zone. Your
> sysadmin should be helpful with the details about whether this is possibly
> your problem.
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> Hi,
> My experience with problems on Solaris with ASM have either been with device
> permissions or a failure to partition the LUNs in the first place. Have you
> checked that nothing odd has happened to the partition tables on the LUNs
> seen as RAW?
> Regards
> Pete
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