RE: ASM and RAW Devices on RHEL 4

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There is a Why ASMLib Fast Facts doc that apparently hasn't yet been put 
anywhere externally.  I checked with the ASM product management team and 
they're looking into getting that out somewhere so people can see it.  For now, 
I'll send it to you offline - I don't think we're allowed attachments on this 
list.  Anyone else who wants it let me know and I can send it to you as well.

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I also couldn't find any info on why would I want to use ASMLib
instead of standard Linux raw-devices. If anyone has some facts and/or
documents, please share with us.

So far I only found Jared's comment in "Adventures in ASM" article:
"Some preliminary testing (admittedly, on a single machine so far)
indicates that the of ASMLib I/O may cost a significant I/O penalty.
You will need to test this on your own system to determine if this is
so for you."

2006/3/7, LiShan Cheng <exriscer@xxxxxxxxx>:
> My doubt is really, is ASMLib I/O API better than Linux I/O API? :-)

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