RE: ASM and Data guard??

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It amazes me how many people do not even KNOW where the docs are, much less
fail to look at them once in a while. Also, for the OP, SPELL CHECK!!



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On 5/2/07, dba1 mcc <mccdba1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Recentlt I have interview and two questions I may need
> your opinion on it.
> 1. what is difference between ASm and hardware RAID?
> Pro/con.
> 2. What is major difference on Physical standby and
> logical standby on 10G data guard?
> Thanks.

The differences are:

1. Their respective documentation resides in separate files
2. Their documentation resides in the same file

Start here. I'll be quite interested to read what you discover.

I have to admit that I believe that you've posted an unbelievable lazy
If Mladen were on the list I would just wait for his reply.



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