• From: Stefano Cislaghi <s.cislaghi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fuadar@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 19:26:24 +0200


why don't you consider Oracle clusterware? I've just tried Oracle on AIX and
HACMP and really I do not like it. Also AIX is not the best OS for Oracle.
You will encounter many stupid bugs.


2010/4/26 Fuad Arshad <fuadar@xxxxxxxxx>

> List,
> Hope someone has had experience setting this up.
> We are loooking to moving from Filesystem to ASM.
> Now  in a single server i would just run the localconfig add and be on with
> it in terms of cssd starting up.
> What would the process be in an HACMP cluster.
> I dont have Software on both nodes so when a node failsover the software
> unmounts and mounts to the inactive node with ,
> What would the process be of starting up cssd daemon as part of this
> process.
> AIX 5.3  HACMP 5.3  ASM Software will be DB Software will be
> --


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