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With me it's a matter of what I learned first then being the old dog
having to learn new tricks. We have MySQL/Oracle going on here and I've
been known to complain loud and long about MySQL's non-ANSI SQL
compliance so you can imagine my past disgust when MySQL was compliant
on this one and Oracle was not.

SELECT proficiency FROM dba
WHERE new_tricks =3D old_dog(+)

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My developers are starting to use ANSI joins in vain hope that they will

make their apps portable
across databases. I have a positive attitude toward ANSI joins: I hate=20
those verbose extensions
that make SQL statements lengthy and unreadable. What is the opinion of=20
other people about ANSI joins?
What is the @#$%! allure of those things? Where did they learn it from?=20
Is there any readable document
that explains  ANSI joins for dummies?

Mladen Gogala
Oracle DBA
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