RE: ADMINISTRIVIA: Posting privilege and other emails to oracle-l-admins...

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 11:26:30 -0400

In view of this horrible faux pas you are sentenced to as many more years of 
being the chief administrator as you can stand.


based on no authority whatsoeverly yours,




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Subject: ADMINISTRIVIA: Posting privilege and other emails to oracle-l-admins...


Hi all,


Boy, what a mess.....


If you requested posting privilege, and were never granted it, in the last 3 
monrhs or so, this is of particular interest to you....


About 3 months ago, after working for ProQuest for 17 years, I changed jobs.  
When I did that, I had to move all my Oracle-L stuff (including the admin 
address) to a different email address.  I did that successfully....or so I 


I recently discovered, that *some* (but not all) emails to oracle-l-admins was 
being dumped in my SPAM folder.  But the reason that this has been going on so 
long, is that I'd occasionally get an email and take care of it.  As there was 
*some* (very little, in retrospect) email flowing, I didn't see a problem.  
("Gee, seems kind of slow...oh well, probably lots of folks enjoying summer.")


I just looped back and earched my emaire mailbox, including SPAM, for emails to 
oracle-l-admins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Those that I found, I processed, and I sent an 
email notifying of posting privilege (finally) being granted.


So, if you requested posting privilege (or any other question/comment/request 
to oracle-l-admins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx), and I never replied, please resend the 
request, and please accept my apology for the mess!





Mark J. Bobak

Oracle-L Admin

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