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  • Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 07:12:55 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks to all who replied. My sanity check is complete. I just sent my seventh 
reply on this issue indicating it will be my last unless he can have Oracle 
tell me how to do it. Has anyone else noticed that auditors are even less 
trusting post Enron than pre Enron.
Once again thanks for the sanity check, I appreciate everyone's replies.
Thanks - Mike 

"Mercadante, Thomas F" <thomas.mercadante@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
God I love auditors!  LOL.
Reminds me of one of the audits I went thru.  We were running on a VAX.  The 
auditors came and said "let me see the console paper report".  We said "We 
don't have one".  They didn't believe us.  We brought them into the computer 
room.  No console.  You'd thought that we were stealing the crown jewels.  Took 
us some time to convince him that consoles went away.
God that was funny.
And by the way, I am not running Oracle apps and I don't have that table 
either.  So I think you are on solid ground.
Good Luck!
Tom Mercadante 
Oracle Certified Professional 

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From: Mike Hennesy [mailto:orcl9ps8dba@xxxxxxxxx] 
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To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am running an Oracle database and have an auditor who is requesting 
that I produce a listing of all the rows in the table 
APPLYSY.AD_APPLIED_PATCHES. The problem I have is that table doesn't exist. We 
do NOT have Oracle applications and I believe that this is a table that comes 
with Oracle Apps 11i.

The auditor is insistent that the table should be there and is wondering what 
I'm trying to hide. If you can confirm this is an Oracle Apps table for me or 
let me know what I should run if it is just a script that I should have run 
that I missed.

All replies will remain confidential; I'm just trying to verify my sanity.

Thanks - Mike

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