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Unfortunately, it's not a misinformation. With "consistent=y", you will have
SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY as the first statement in the export. What does
this statement do you can read for yourself in the manual. It wasn't an
overuse of sarcasm. 
As far as logical backup goes, I would tend not to disagree, but it has
nothing to do with CONSISTENT=YES. This "read consistent export" can only
ensure consistency with respect to certain point in time if it builds a
read-consistent image of the database with respect to that point in time.
You have three guesses to guess which structures are used for building 
such a consistent image. 
So Mark, please read the fine manual before you accuse me of being overly

Mladen Gogala
Ext. 121

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I started a reply on this same point, then cancelled it, but since you 
(Michael McMullen) brought it up, I will add that the whole quoted 
paragraph below about "consistent=y" is a jumble of misinformation.

I suggest that over-use of sarcasm intermingled with technical 
information is resulting in less signal and more noise.

Exp/imp is the only way to perform a logical backup, and as such has its 
legimate uses, and should not be dismissed out-of-hand.  Data pump in 
version 10g addresses some of the limitations of exp/imp that previously 
could only be addressed at the OS level (such as using pipefiles in Unix).

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