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Search for "dynamic instrumentation" or "dynamic binary instrumentation" with 
AIX, HP-UX or other OS keyword. 

There are really lots of such tools available, developed mostly by HPC & 
academic people. Most of such products work by rewriting binary code in memory 
during load or runtime. This means that in order to have a stable, foolproof 
and high-performing dynamic instrumentation framework, you have to implement it 
from very bottom of your OS. DTrace is doing pretty well in this area, their 
instrumentation code is also in the kernel.

Many other instrumentation tools use ptrace() interface, which imposes some 
limitations, as not being able to launch a debugger on the process when running 
in instrumented mode. Some tools require spawning the process using 
instrumentation tool, some can attach to an already running process and 
instrument it on the fly. 

However, with dynamic instrumentation tools (especially the non-kernel ones) we 
have to be very careful - a tool which can instrument "ls" perfectly, might 
crash when dealing with forking, IPC, shared memory etc... 

Few other keywords not already mentioned in the article: linux trace toolkit 
(LTT), Dyninst, Pintool, valgrind, callgrind, kprobes

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  Yep, good article.  Is anyone aware of anything similar to Solaris' DTrace 
for HPUX or AIX?

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  Hi all,

  Came across this link (from a SQLServer newsletter of all places!) This is a 
very interesting Q & A from a "Cary" clone (if I may use this term!) in the 
UNIX/Linux/Java/C world. It is a bit long, but he does cover a lot of ground.

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