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  • Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 16:30:46 -0500

We painfully made 9i OEM work...but 10g OEM  kicks A$$!  It really does.
Agent auto-connecting... Built in policy violations.. History storage of
stats on your database so you can double click on the warning and drill down
to the SQL process that gave you problem several days ago. Performance tuner
that will show you how to improve the sql ( room for improvement but
certainly a time saver). All the alerts can be easily made and copied to
other servers. And this one I like... You can do completely compare Unix
servers (kernel parameters etc) to see what unix cowboys did to hose the
system. Keeps track of all your patches that need update.. Can install the
patches for you. Can clone the databases by push button if rman is active.
This 10G oem can tell you where is the bottleneck right out to the oracle
web server.  Soon they will extend to all app servers. There are lots of
goodies on this 10g... To me it's finally the monitoring system we've been
asking for years.


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Well I have tried OEM with each release and while I always find a few things
I like, the hassle I usually have getting it installed/configured
almost never worth it. My own tools have been steadily advancing and I have
never found a problem yet that I needed to go to OEM to get the answer. I
will take another look I guess when I get a chance, I have seen the demos.

Also I tend to work in a multiple environments across different
projects/locations all at the same time, I am usually limited to ssh and
sometimes tns. I may not have control over getting software etc..installed
so I like to just unpack my tools, create a user and get to work. 

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From: Spears, Brian [mailto:BSpears@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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10g oem does all this shee for me now..   I liked doing the coding for
that but I don't get to do it anymore here. The coding here would be I would
grep my saved file and see when the number of lines hits my threshold then
page... And then when the consecutive lines is interrupted I would send the
clear page... That kind of idea anyways.. I love to code that stuff but in
this shop we have lots of tools to do that now.



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