Re: 9iRAC or 10GRAC?

  • From: Alexander Gorbachev <gorbyx@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hamcdc@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 21:52:15 +0100

Well, I support the idea that badly written application will run on
RAC only worse. :-)
Btw, it's possible to configure "static remastering" on datafile level
in 9i meaning that it's possible to define that blocks of certain
datafile should be mastered on a particular node. At least, that what
we have been told.


On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 02:25:45 +0000 (GMT), Connor McDonald
<hamcdc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I read somewhere recently (apologies to whoever wrote it for the lack of 
> acknowledgement) that the
> dynamic remastering was a lot better in 10g.  Theoretically that should give 
> better performance
> for those apps that run on rac that were never meant to run on rac :-)
> Cheers
> Connor

Best regards,
Alex Gorbachev

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