RE: 9i shared servers (dispatcher) hung

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Internal deadlock, possibly? Sounds like a situation for hanganalyze
utility. There is a little article mentioning

hanganalyze at



Mladen Gogala

Ext. 121


From: Jeffrey Beckstrom [mailto:JBECKSTROM@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: 9i shared servers (dispatcher) hung


People could not connect via shared server - hung. So tried stopping the
dispatchers and restarting them. I did:
alter system shutdown immediate 'D000' ; 
alter system shutdown immediate 'D001' ; 

In alert log I see the following.
idle dispatcher 'D000' terminated, pid = (13, 1)

I do not see d001 stopping. If do a lsnrctl services it still shows d001.

If do:

Then lsnrctl services shows d000, d001 and d002. 

I ended up bouncing the database.  I had to do a shutdown abort since
shutdown immediate hung - probably due to dispatcher d001 getting stuck.
Any ideas on why a dispatcher would get stuck?




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