RE: 9207 in prod

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And we're fine with (64 bit Solaris).  The instance I'd love to
get rid of is our bug-ridden that the front-end vendor won't
certify for anything later...

That said, if you have the chance to start with why not have the
latest bug fixes included?

Jay Miller
Sr. Oracle DBA

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We are using 9207 in both OLTP and warehouse environs.  No problems for

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Just trying to get a feel for community comfort w/9207 in prod.  We're
looking to get off 9204 and now have approval to proceed through the
dev/uat/svt and prod envs.  I say 9207 as our initial push occurred
prior to the recent (Aug 24th) release of 9208 for our port (Solaris
64bit).  The databases house OLTP and DW type apps in the multi-TB
range.  Note we're tied to 9iR2 due to vendor support.

We're still early enough in the game to choose 9208 - but 9207 should
likewise be sufficient.  We've got anecdotal evidence of "issues"
w/9207, but nothing really concrete.  Hence, I would like to see what
the broader community thinks.  Good, bad, indifferent ... ??

Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.




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