Re: Patch Set missing Async fix and stubs

  • From: gparc@xxxxxxx
  • To: terrysutton@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 12:28:19 +0100

Hi Terry,

in case this is still useful to you, the patch is now available :
patch #4199559


Selon Terry Sutton <terrysutton@xxxxxxx>:

 I encountered this at a client site.  They did some testing and it didn't
 seem to hurt performance.  I asked when a patch would be available (since
 these seems like a pretty stupid thing to have left out of a patchset), and
 they replied:

 "Regarding the patch availability,we will notify you through mail.Patch will
 be available soon as there are several who had the same
 issue after applying the patchset."

 That was 2 weeks ago.  We'll see.


 > How bad of a hit is this to linux based performance?
 > Anybody measured?
 > Note:4648194.8
 > Description
 > The Patch Set for Linux 32bit is missing some
 > port specific fixes. Notably the asynch stubs are missing
 > but also the port specific patches for bugs 3845124,
 > 4199559 and 4276957 missing.
 > Workaround:
 >   Disable async IO.  (nice)
 > =============================
 > Ray Stell  Tempus fugit  28^D
 > --



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