Re: 9206 or 9207 on Solaris 64bit?

  • From: Jurijs Velikanovs <j.velikanovs@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: stellr@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 22:44:09 +0000

We had hard time with
After struggling for a while we have decided to leave most of our db-s
on and Skip, then migrate directly to
Have migrated a couple of our db-s to, so far so good.

In general I would recommend to go to
Even if is as bed as now, would be longer
supported by Oracle.


On 1/9/06, Ray Stell <stellr@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Short version:
> Which version are you happy with 9206 or 9207 on Solaris 64bit?
> Long version:
> I need to patch to one of these, but I'm having a hard time
> deciding which is going to be less painfilled.  Both of them
> have some ugly known issues published in Note:283899.1 and
> Note:308895.1.
> I've tested with both and have not reproduced any of these.
> What has been you experience with these on Solaris 64bit?
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