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When this happens (Oracle dll's in use by another program),
Check if MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator) service
is running - ussually it locks some oracle dlls in memory.

P.S. Nial, this could be an item for your paper (Oracle on MSWin).

Igor Neyman, OCP DBA

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We are just finishing up our first one.  We had a pretty rocky start.  =
Although we stopped the database, stopped all the services,  we were =
still getting messages that some of the Oracle dll's were in use by =
another program.  We ending up 'ignoring' and 'continuing' and =
'retrying' throughout the installation until we got 'patch installation
complete.'   We did try to reboot to kill anything that might have been
hung but couldn't figure out what was running.  It was a bad idea to =
push through; we corrupted the binaries and had to reinstall the base =  The second time through everything seems to be working fine. =
We are almost done.  Don't know about Data Guard.

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Has anyone installed this patch on Windows? Just wanted to ask your =
feedback regarding the installation as well as other issues particularly
those tied with Data Guard...

Fyi, although OTN's link to patches
( ) says the latest
version for win32 is, Metalink has a patch for win32,
release Oct 31st.

When I checked on Friday I didn't see patches for linux or =


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