Re: 3 round trips over network for simply "select sysdate from dual"

  • From: John Scoles <scoles@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: staywithpin@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 06:52:55 -0400

I am surprised it only takes 3.

Hard to say what OCI is doing in the background of SQL Plus my guess it is doing a 'describe' first then an 'execute' and 'fetch'.
Which would account for the three round trips.

check out this link

which details the round trips that OCI uses, how one translates that into what SQLPlus implements is anyones guess.

I could just as well be doing a |OCIPing first or a ||OCISessionBegin for that matter.

The only way to find out is to talk to one of the Programmers who wrote SQLPlus

qihua wu wrote:
Hi, all

When using tcpdump to check what happen over the network when do a simple query as
SQL> select sysdate from dual;


The tcpdump is as following, 3 round trips between the server and client. Why so many trips? Don't we only need to 1 round trip as client send the query and the server reply? 16:56:13.354672 IP host1 > host2.1580: . 7898:8 054(156) ack 6755 win 32768
16:56:13.354683 IP host2.1580 > host1: . 6755:6 836(81) ack 8054 win 32768
16:56:13.521731 IP host1 > host2.1580: . 8054:8 126(72) ack 6836 win 32768
16:56:13.521744 IP host2.1580 > host1: . 6836:6 853(17) ack 8126 win 32768
16:56:13.688967 IP host1 > host2.1580: . 8126:8 141(15) ack 6853 win 32768
16:56:13.688980 IP host2.1580 > host1: . 6853:6 874(21) ack 8141 win 32768

And the expert says below: one additional roundtrip to initiate the query. Don't quite understand why we need additional roundtrip to initiate.


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