Re: 2GB or not 2GB (datafile limit)? That is the question.

  • From: Nuno Souto <dbvision@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2006 22:55:50 +1000

Jesse, Rich wrote,on my timestamp of 9/09/2006 12:16 AM:

I don't see any need to limit the datafile size to 2GB anymore. Anyone else?

None here. Since 9i and most *n*x releases since Y2K, it's a non-event: the 2GB restriction is gone, dead and buried.

The "largest number of Oracle blocks per file" limit
still applies.  That's around 30GB with 8K block sizes.

Unless you're using 10g and Oracle largefiles,
in which case it's not an issue.
Watch out for file system's largest file size: there
are a few around with limits around the 200GB mark.
Not many left, but worth checking.

Other than backup related constraints, I can't
see file size limits being much of an issue
anymore.  Bar the 30GB limit: that's a bit
of a nuisance when talking about multi-TB
databases.  But then you should be looking
at those with 10g, not 9i.

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