Re: 12c: changes on licensing?

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  • Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2013 11:14:57 -0700

The change we made in Oracle Database 12c wrt SecureFiles and LOBs is 
that SecureFiles is now the default. So, when you create a LOB column in 
a table, if you don't specify BasicFiles or SecureFiles, it will default 
to SecureFiles. There is no change to licensing requirements - 
SecureFiles is available in all editions of Oracle Database 12c with no 
licensing requirements beyond the database license, and using the 
compression and deduplication features of SecureFiles LOBs requires 
licensing the Advanced Compression Option.


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On 7/3/2013 10:50 AM, Mark W. Farnham wrote:
> I'm not sure off the top of my head on Change Data Capture, and I agree long
> term trends are valid concerns.
> However:  Securefiles has long (possibly forever) been included without
> additional options. [Regardless of what anyone (a salesman perhaps) claims,
> advanced security is NOT required for secure files.]
> Quoting Kevin from oracle-l on a thread from 2013-May:
> "
> SecureFiles is part of Oracle Database 11g, and does not require you to
> license any options. If you want to compress and/or deduplicate your
> SecureFiles LOBs, then you need to license ACO, and if you want to encrypt
> your SecureFiles LOBs, then you need to license ASO.
> So, you can go forward in production with SecureFiles LOBs without having to
> license anything more than the database itself.
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> I thought I read that BLOB'S had to be stored using SecureFiles.  Is the use
> of SecureFiles now included in the base product?  Also
> when was Change Data Capture first deprecated? Now deprecated  doesn't mean
> the  feature is gone, but does mean it may be so in the future.   GoldenGate
> is the suggested alternative.  There is more to the licensing question than
> just the new option.
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> Though to Oracle's credit there's only one *new* option so existing
> customers with the relevant options will be able to take advantage of many
> of them.
> To their detriment its the one thing they've been plugging for months the
> multi-tenant capability. Which bears a striking resemblance to mature
> non-extra cost features that competitors have had for years.
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