RE: 11gR2 - what patch level?

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  • Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 22:21:32 -0400

Non-exhaustive list starter:

1) case sensitivity of passwords (which you can switch off, but which is on
by default, may wreak havoc if you have passwords laying around encrypted
somewhere lowercase for programs to pick up or in root guarded scripts but
the real existing passwords are really uppercase unless someone defined them
with surrounding quotes. Now it matters what you toss at the login software.

2) changes (many permissions removed) for the connect privilege. They have
provided stuff to handle it and recommendations about it, but you need to
notice that you probably need to do something. I think the new defaults are
improvements to security, but there is work for you to do to make your
existing least privileged existing connectors able to do about anything.

y'all chime in.

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I'll tag along on this one. Looking for experiences
on upgrading to 11gr2 from 10gr2.  Not a new install,
which is what most who say "it's fine" have done.

Nuno Souto
in cold Sydney, Australia

Mary Elizabeth McNeely wrote,on my timestamp of 3/07/2010 2:09 AM:
> For those of you on 11gR2, what patches have you applied to the base?  
> Are you finding this release + those patches to be stable?
> Any perspective you could offer would be appreciated.



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