RE: 11gR2 - what patch level?

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There is a slight problem with too many objects. If happen to consolidate many 
peoplesoft installations into separate schema in the same database, then it can 
create problems while dropping schema in order to refresh is from some other 
peoplesoft installation/golden copy.
I have blogged about it at following link. 
Vishal Gupta   


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Exactly, and those 61000 objects are going to carry on not being used.  If
you had created the tables 'segment creation deferred' and they haven't been
physically created yet, then they aren't going to be created.  If you do
occasionally use a new table then it is only a one time overhead.

If you want to force just the tables to be created in PeopleSoft (though I
don't think I would), it is possible to add the 'SEGMENT CREATION IMMEDIATE'
clause the DDL model.

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>That's on a fully populated installation, with all features being used.
>In our HR/Payroll db of which only HCM is being used, we have
>29000 tables and 34000 indexes. Of these only about 2000 have
>any data, everything else is empty. Or at least, that's what a
>full export shows.
>That is my worry.
>Nuno Souto
>Go-Faster Consultancy Ltd. wrote,on my timestamp of 6/07/2010 7:17 AM:
>> Although I haven't played with this feature in conjunction with
>> PeopleSoft myself, I don't think it would be a huge problem.
>> Most of the empty tables in PeopleSoft are PeopleSoft
>Temporary Records
>> - these are normal database tables used for temporary
>working storage by
>> Application Engine programs.  PeopleSoft (since version 8)
>creates many
>> identical temporary tables and allocates different tables to
>> instances of the same program.  It is better than multiple
>> processes sharing the same temporary record (and before
>someone askes
>> they don't use Global Temporary Tables because they are
>Oracle specific).
>> You tend to get the same temporary tables reused repeatedly.
> You might
>> have 10 copies of a table, but if you only ever run one
>instance of a
>> program which uses that table at any one time, then normally
>you should
>> only ever access the same temporary table, and you might
>never access
>> the other 9.  So, you only create the one physical segment.


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