RE: 10gR2 Performance sux!

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Exec dbms_stats.gather_dictionary_stats;

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Hello gurus,

I'm also having performance issues with 10g.  Why would my dictionary
queries take a long time to return... in 9i they used to take seconds,
now they take minutes or they just never come back... This happens when
I query dba_data_files or dba_tablespaces...  The application queries
are not too bad.

Any tips will be appreciated.

The database is in HP-UX11,, FIRST_ROWS.  (Migrated from  PeopleSoft Financials.



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>>  Well, I could not user opt_param.. as I can't touch SQLs, they come
>>  from 3rd party tool. So, I have created an after login trigger to
>>  this parameter at session level.

Dan Hotka has a presentation called "Tuning SQL when you cannot change
the code!"  

It could help you understand what your options  are for tackling your
problem.  Good luck!

Cheers, APC

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