RE: 10g upgrade survey

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Yes, I agree.  Would also point out some bugs that have been reported on
this forum.  One was manual upgrades through with datafiles
created back in eight.   However, if you ask me, and you have the down
time.  Moving things directly into Locally managed tablespaces now and
getting it overwith is worth it.


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 Yes. #2 supports exp/imp; We had to go that way since we had dictionary
corruption.  I am not all that happy with making a copy of dba_objects.
That leaves it with #1.

Another aspect that comes to my mind is that if you are creating a brand
new 10g database (say) and exp/imp data from 9i or 8i or 8 which had
Dict.Mgnd tablespace, then the imported data will be sitting in LMT and
this would not be exactly be the same as what it was earlier. With
upgrade , your tablespace would still be DMT.  If it is production i
would prefer to go with Upgrade.  I agree it is round about way first
upgrading to or any other higher (supported) patch level and
then upgrading to 10g. That can introduce errors as well.   Just my



On Tue, 20 Mar 2007 10:56:04 -0700, "Allen, Brandon"
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        Not sure what you mean by #2 - it sounds like an argument for
using exp/imp as you have it phrased there.


        If you really care about retaining object creation times, I'd
recommend logging them somewhere else than in dba_objects because they
can get updated there at unexpected times.  You could easily do a
"create table object_creation_dates as select owner, object_id,
object_name, created from dba_objects" and that would take care of that
problem for you.






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        I see three reasons against going for exp/imp:

        1. Minimal downtime
        2. System Tablespace / Data Dictionary corrupted but i am able
to export all user/data schema
        3. I would need to retain the timestamp,create date as per



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