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I am willing to be corrected if i am wrong in saying this.
I am curious to know if the 9i database in this case contained only LMT 
tablespaces. If the 10g db is pre-created then the SYSTEM tablespace , i 
suppose, would be LMT; In such a case, it may not allow creating a DMT. Does it 
allow a DMT to be transported?
On Tue, 6 Mar 2007 09:47:19 +0300, "Syed Jaffar Hussain" 
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You have missed another option of upgrade from 9i to 10g, i.e., transportable 
tablespaces. I know in 9i, it only works on the same OS.

If you are going to upgrade 9i database to 10g, transportable tablespace option 
also very handy. As 9i datafile are 10g compartible, it can be done with 
minimal downtime as well.

1. Install 10g on the target, create db with all the users

2. On source, bring all the tablespace to read only mode.

3. Export with transportable tablespaces.

4. move all the datafiles from source to target (this is only the time 
consuming process)

5. Import at target.

We have done with couple of database where it took very minimal downtime.

Of course, you need to see the possibilties and all the aspect before you 
choose any method.

We have also done in-place upgrade (manual upgrade).

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