Re: 10g recovery scenario

  • From: Niall Litchfield <niall.litchfield@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wbfergus@xxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 15:38:21 +0100

On Apr 12, 2005 2:57 PM, William B Ferguson <wbfergus@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Thursday I get to purposely break my (10g) production database to test
> data recovery scenarios.
> Before doing it, I'll do an export of my schemas and a complete cold
> backup (just in case). I also have flashback enabled, and the scenario is
> to delete an Oracle datafile while the database is running.
> This is on a Windows 2003 Server box with full Veritas backups performed
> nightly of everything except the ORACLE_HOME directory (it kept killing
> Oracle backing that up, so I excluded from backups). The server has 3
> disks configured as RAID 5.

I have a couple of observations. 

1. You'll have difficult deleting an Oracle datafile whilst Oracle is 
running you'll get "Cannot delete <DATAFILE NAME> it is being used by 
another person or program. 

2. Your comment about killing Oracle with the backups suggests to me that 
your data is stored under %ORACLE_HOME%. I prefer not to do this for exactly 
this reason and store it under %ORACLE_BASE%\oradata Then I can exclude just 
that directory. Veritas does sell an Oracle agent that understands Oracle 
backups (though in the v7 days it was rather poor and we opted not to buy 

I know it's REAL bad practice to do this on a production system, but this
> IS the government, and congress has passed some BS rules that we have to
> do this.
> Any gotcha's I should know about before relagating myself to a full
> re-install and import? Lol

I'm a little surprised that the rules don't allow for testing on a test 
server (though maybe you don't have funding for that). Never the less if you 
have a full cold backup there is no need to reinstall for your proposed 
test. Deleting a few random dll's out of %ORACLE_HOME%\bin might be an 
interesting test though :) 

Fortunately, no transactions will be going on at the point of file
> deletion, so being Windows, I can try just bringing the file back from the
> Recycle Bin.
> Thanks.
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